Affiliated Seminar Series

The CBCB co-sponsors and organizes seminars covering the spectrum of the field including: Bioinformatics, Mathematical Biology, Computational Biochemistry, Computational Biology, Neurosciences, Genetics and Biomedical Engineering.  These seminars provide an opportunity for the Center's membership to expand their knowledge and help round out their expertise in this highly diverse field of research. Check our calendar for the dates of upcoming seminars and other pertinent informational events.


Computational Resources and Space

The CLCG and CBCB consist of approximately 30 full-time faculty, post-docs, staff, and students occupying 4,200 sq.ft. housed in the Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences Building on the University of Iowa main campus. This recently remodeled facility is wired for high-speed networking (100-megabit, and gigabit ethernet – hardwired and wireless, and includes 2 dedicated Linux clusters, more than 125 computing systems (workstations and servers), 258 CPUs, more than 400 Gigabytes of RAM, and more than 100 Terabytes of spinning disk space. Many of the high-performance workstations in the lab are part of a computational grid to provide extra capacity during off-peak hours. Two distinct networks are maintained to keep experimental and development systems separated from production systems which have restricted firewall access, and are HIPAA compliant for all PHI-related data.


The following computer resources are available:

  • 43 development/production servers
  • 54 processors, 158 cores, 424GB memory, 20TB storage
  • Two dedicated Linux clusters
  • 20 processors, 160 cores, 188GB RAM, 18TB storage, Linux
  • 14 processors, 28 cores, 14GB RAM, 60GB storage, Gigabit switch
  • 35 workstations
  • 130TB tape archival capacity
  • 40TB spinning backup and snapshot server
  • Megabit and Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11g/n wireless network
  • Room & desktop-based video conferencing
  • Extensive installed base of software for genome, expression, genetic linkage, mutation, sequence, and other analyses



Office, and laboratory space is available for all Principal Investigators, co-investigators, post-docs, staff and students. Convenient meeting space is also available. Offices are equipped with computers and printers, video-conferencing, and telephone conferencing. PI offices are equipped with video projection capabilities for small to medium sized collaborative meetings, and for multi-site video conferencing. All computers are connected to a Gbit switched Ethernet backbone, and most space is covered by 802.11g standard wireless Ethernet. All key personnel involved in this project have Linux and/or Mac/PC computers (desktop and portable) connected to the network. Many of the faculty and staff have high-speed connections at home as well.

Funding Opportunities

A number of pilot research support mechanisms are available. In addtion to CBCB Seed grants, a T32 training grant provides support for PhD students, and through collaborations with other UI Centers, Institutes, Industrial Partners and Labs, it is often possible to pursue novel ideas.  Contact us for more information on these opportunities.

Studying Bioinformatics at Iowa

At the University of Iowa, the study of Bioinformatics is facilitated within a number of traditional areas of graduate and undergraduate study. There is a growing list of departments and degree programs that currently offer, or are making plans to offer, coherent adjunct curricula to students pursuing Bioinformatics. An NIH T32 Training Grant provides support for students to receive both didactic training and research experience. For more information, see