Affiliated Investigators

The CBCB recognizes two types of membership: 1) Regular Members whose research portfolio contains a significant component of work fundamental to the field of Bioinformatics, and 2) Affiliate Members who research involves significant application of Bioinformatics within a specific application domain. As a highly interdisciplinary field, each member contributes knowledge, experience and skills valuable to overall research enterprise at the University of Iowa.

Membership Roster as of 3/27/2019

Members Department Affiliations College Affiliations Centers/Institutes
Thomas Casavant ECE, BME, Genetics CoE, CCoM, Grad HCCC, IIHG, PIA, DSI
Terry Braun BME, Ophthamlology, Genetics CoE, CCoM, Grad HCCC, IVR, IIHG
Todd Scheetz Ophthalmology, Genetics, ECE CCoM, CoE IVR
Brian Smith Biostats CoPH HCCC
Mike Schnieders Biochemistry CoE, CCOM HCCC, IIHG
Kai Wang BioStats CoPH HCCC, IIHG, IVR
Richard Smith Otolaryngology CCoM, IIHG IIHG
John Buatti Radiation Oncology CCoM IIBI
George Weiner Internal Medicine, Hem-Onc CCoM HCCC
Benjamin Darbro Pediatrics, Med Genetics CoE, CCoM IVR, DMG
John Manak Biology, Pediatrics CLAS, CCoM  
Jake Michaelson Psychiatry CCoM DSI
Guadalupe Canahuate ECE CoE HCCC
Dong-Hai Dai Ob-Gyn CoE  
Steven G. Davis Bio::Neos Inc, Pres/CEO N/A  
Kevin Knudtson DNA Core Director CCoM HCCC, IIHG
Val Sheffield Pediatrics, Genetics CCoM IVR, DMG
Reinhard Beichel ECE, Internal Medicine CoE, CCoM IIBI
Tyler Bell ECE CoE CCAD
Andrew Kitchen Anthropology CLAS  
John Sunderland Radiology CCoM IIBI
James Howe Head Surgical Oncology CCoM  
Jose Morcuende Orthopedics CCoM PIA
Hans Johnson ECE CoE IIBI
CBCB Full Time Staff      
Bart Brown, PhD Computational Scientist    
Nick Lessing IT Manager    
HCCC - Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center IIHG - Iowa Institute for Human Genetics DMG - Division of Medical Genetics PIA - Ponseti International Association
IIBI - Iowa Institute for Biomedical Informatics IVR - Institute for Vision Research DSI - Data Science Institute