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About the Seminar Series

Seminar Series Scale

The seminar series is an effort to build a community of scientists in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology through interdisciplinary collaboration. Currently, our community has many scientists from the extreme ends of the spectrum, with very few in the middle. We want to fill the spectrum more evenly and hope our seminars accomplish this goal.

Along with the list of seminar speakers and their primary discipline, the seminars will be ranked along the above scale. Note: All subject to change.

Spring 2006

February 6, 2006, Yi Xing, Ph. D., University of California, Los Angeles. "Genomic View of Alternative Splicing: Function, Regulation, and Evolution", Bean Conference Room, SE301 General Hospital, 5:00 pm

February 14, 2006, Jason Lu, Ph. D., Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Yale University. "Eukaryotic Proteome Analysis Using Structural and Network Approaches: Studying Protein-Protein Interactions on a Genomic Scale", Bean Conference Room, SE301 General Hospital, 5:00 pm

February 20, 2006, George Vasmatzis, Ph. D., Department of Laboratory Medicine, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. "Cancer Prognostics: Discovery -> Validation -> Test development -> Translation ", Auditorium 1, Bowen Science Building, 4:00 - 5:00 pm

February 21, 2006, Degeng Wang, Ph. D., University of California, San Diego. "Computers in Systems Biology: A Tool and Beyond", Bean Conference Room, SE301 General Hospital, 5:00 pm

March 27,2006, Dat H. Nguyen, Ph.D., Department of Genetics, Harvard University, Boston. "Deciphering Principles of Transcription Regulation in Eukaryotic Genomes", Bean Conference Room, SE301 General Hospital, 5:00 pm

April 21,2006, Ken Buetow , Ph.D., NCI Associate Director for Bioinformatics and Information Technology, National Cancer Institute. "The cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG): Building the World Wide Web for Cancer Research", Auditorium 1, Bowen Science Building, 4:00 pm.


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