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Requirements for Membership:
Each member of the CBCB must hold an Academic or Research Faculty, Research Scientist/Engineer or Research Associate, appointment at the UI. Appointments may be in regular academic units, research centers, or academic/research support units. Individuals may be from any department or unit, and may hold memberships and affiliations with other Centers and Research units at the UI.

Membership in the CBCB can bring multiple benefits:

  • Facilitate basic and applied medical research
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration through a variety of Center activities
  • Facilitate development and exploitation of research tools
  • Facilitate application of those tools to important problems
  • Provide a means for accessing and sharing resources

Ways That Members Can Interact

  • Attending seminars
  • Participating in collaborative projects
  • Participating in "Center Grant"
  • Contributing resources

Center Resources

  • Computational
    • Two Linux Clusters
    • Collection of file, database, and web servers
  • People
    • Staff computational scientists
  • Support for joint faculty recruitment from the Provost
  • Seed grants for pilot projects

Center Membership Form

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