Dr. Terry A Braun

Biomedical Engineering


Coordinated Laboratory for Computational Genomics

Crossing academic disciplines to create ground-breaking research
in the area of applied computational science within
genomics, genetics, and molecular biology


The Coordinated Laboratory for Computational Genomics (CLCG) formed out of the necessity to apply Engineering principles of design and problem solving to challenges in Biomedical and Biological Sciences. The research spans algorithms, software design, bioinformatics, machine learning and computational biology applied to genetics, genomics and biology. What makes developing new algorithmic techniques to one problem domain important to science is that successful techniques can then be applied to similar problems in other domains. As the director, Terry Braun develops bioinformatics software and algorithms for the problems of mutation identification, candidate disease gene prioritization, phenotypic analysis for clinical decision support and sequence and genome analysis for research and clinical genetic testing. Disease domains include inherited eye disease, deafness and cancer.

The CLCG is committed to attracting and training students in bioinformatics and computational biology. The lab participates in a Training Grant in Bioinformatics and supports both undergrad and graduate students in Engineering and Genetics.

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